Projet de / Project of

L'Association pour la santé environnementale du Québec / Environmental Health Association of Québec




The first of its kind…

  • Will exist on 25 acres of land
  • Surrounded by forest and clean air
  • In the Laurentian Mountains
  • Forty units will be built on 2.5 acres
  • Each unit will be suitable for people suffering from Environmental Sensitivities
  • Appropriate building materials, design and location will be chosen
  • Community hall and kitchen to address isolation and encourage inclusion
  • Organic gardening
  • Trails to enjoy nature all year round!


Description of the ECOASIS Project

The idea to provide affordable, healthy housing for people suffering from Environmental Sensitivities (ES)originated with EHAQ as a logical FIRST step in terms of support, due to numerous, often desperate requests for such housing.

Finding safe living spaces is difficult at best and virtually impossile for ES sufferers who are very often on the lower end of the income scale. Many can work if they have adequate workplace accommodation and suitable housing. If workplace accommodation is not available to them, ES sufferers are unable to work due to their illness, and the loss of income makes it impossible to obtain suitable accommodation. Their health continues to deteriorate while living in inappropriate housing. Many are obliged to leave their apartments, subsequently becoming homeless.

In order to recover their health and productivity despite financial hardship, ES sufferers need to have environmentally safe, affordable housing in a safe location. Due to their illness, they may require assistance for the day to day management of their lives, which EHAQ will provide.

This assistance would involve, for example: shopping, banking, transport for doctor’s appointments; cooking and cleaning where required; providing an opportunity for physical therapies; arranging for the availability of ecological non-off-gassing products that are essential to ES sufferers.

Social and educational events will be held within the building, such as Yoga or exercise classes, lectures, conferences and gatherings. Services such as the ones mentioned above are essential to the well-being of ES sufferers, since their illness can lead to isolation and may make it impossible to have any kind of social life whatsoever.

Services would also include supervision of the ecological maintenance of the buildings and the apartments and provide environmental information to resolve day to day problems.

Our collaborators:

Aziz Dennoune, groupe de ressources techniques Réseau 2000+