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Why buy a brick?

Homelessness due to illness

People suffering from environmental sensitivities (ES) have symptoms on exposure to chemicals, mould, electromagnetic energy, etc., which are often debilitating.

Apartments and condos are out of the question, since air space is shared by all units and chemicals, mould, electromagnetic radiation, etc., infiltrate indoor air and living spaces.

An individual house may not be affordable especially when illness robs so many of their livelihood.

The ensuing poverty makes it virtually impossible to find housing and pay for treatment. Many people who suffer from ES are forced to live in places that make them chronically ill.

Is there a solution?

The Environmental Health Association of Québec is ready to build an ecological, affordable housing community for people who suffer from Environmental Sensitivities and related conditions. This type of housing will provide a roof for those in dire need of a healthy home, free of the triggers that make them ill.

A home that will restore their dignity and health…how amazing is that?

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