Main goal

Our objectives

Provide a healthy environment – interior and exterior

Minimize exposure to electromagnetic energy

Ensure respect of the lease which will specify healthy products which can be used for all applications

Ongoing awareness and education through workshops and training

Bioclimatic Principles

  • choice of land
  • solar energy
  • wind direction
  • orientation of buildings
  • drainage
  • protection of natural spaces

Eco Construction

  • Choice of materials
  • Management on the worksite
  • Ventilation system
  • Regular maintenance
  • Impact on the natural environment

Quality of air and the environment

    • Far away from sources of pollution
    • Indoor air quality
    • Control of humidity
    • Electromagnetic energy
    • Landscaping

Eco Responsibility

      • Workshops
      • Food
      • Cleaning products
      • Personal products
      • Disposable of garbage and recycling
      • Respect of Lease